Andrew & Sara at Veritas Vineyards


Andrew & Sara tied the knot at Veritas Vineyards, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much energy in one wedding day!  On the night of, belly dancers and guests danced the night away as the band and DJ both provided a seriously entertaining experience.  The style of the wedding day was very dramatic with darker complimenting colors, and we felt the fall colors on their day perfectly aligned with their style!  I absolutely love capturing reception room details, and thanks to the lovely work of Julianne Giuliano of Soiree there was no shortage of details to capture!  Every detail felt unique and contributed to a part of the wedding day and helped drive home the style of the day.

Daniel & Loren at Pippin Hill


It’s no secret: Pippin Hill is my favorite venue of all time. Despite being the venue we shoot at more than any other venue most years, I never get tired of the stunning view. Loren & Daniel tied the knot at sunset on the front lawn, with the sunlight peaking over the mountains: can it get anymore breathtaking?! Loren and Daniel also chose to write letters to each other and have each other read them the morning of. I absolutely LOVE when my couples do this, because the letters are always so packed with emotion and energy, and it’s a great way to help tell their story. The day went flawless with the help of Cody’s team from Amore Events, and we absolutely loved telling Loren & Daniels story.

Jody & Lauren at WinterGreen Resort


Lauren & Jody’s wedding took place at the Wintergreen Resort, enveloped in the most beautiful mountains you’ve ever seen! Mountains hold a special place in my life, and they are my first choice to go for a vacation (my wife and I stay in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains as much as we can). Being surrounded by mountains just feels so whimsical and magical! Jody & Lauren’s story is so perfect (with a humorous beginning-see the wedding film for more on that!), and we loved getting to learn it inside and out so we could tell it through the art of cinema.

Jordan & Lauren at Starmount Country Club

When Lauren & Jordan met in early 2017, they seemed to instantly fall in love. Suddenly, they found themselves spending every second together. By the end of 2017, they were married! The length of a relationship before it results in marriage is different for everyone. I have some clients who have been dating for over 10 years, and some like Jordan & Lauren. Lauren & Jordan might not have been together for a very long time, but they seem like they have already known each other for 100 years! We had a fantastic time shooting Lauren & Jordan’s day, and can’t wait to see what’s in store as we follow along with their story.

Quinton+Megan {Oak Ridge Estate}

One of my favorite parts about shooting a wedding day is seeing how each couple interacts with each other.  No two couples interact the same way, and it is always such a beautiful thing to see.  It didn’t take long on Megan and Quinton’s day to see that they were both so full of laughter and smiles on their wedding day.  Neither seemed stressed about the day, just happiness.  Megan inquired with me before they had even booked their venue, and surprisingly, the venue they booked, The Oak Ridge Estate, was less than an hour away from where I live!


“You’re getting married!  This is really happening right now!  Did you ever think this day would come?!”  Over the last few years, I’ve heard so many different crazy, wonderful, absurd, and terrifying things while filming bridal prep.  During Megan’s bridal prep, one of her bridesmaids shouted this out, and I believe it is what every bride (and many reading this) are so looking forward to hearing.  You spend years growing up waiting to hear these words, and be at your wedding day.  The mood and excitement in the room only grew from there, and pretty soon we had a room full of excited bridesmaids who just couldn’t wait to see Megan walk down the isle!  Megan and Quinton decided to do personal, hand-written vows, and I highly suggest doing this if you can!  Knowing that no one else will say those exact words to another on their wedding day, mixed with the fact that we can tell such a better story, keeps us excited every time one of our clients tell us they are doing their own vows.  After the vows, the couple decided to do a dove release, and spend the rest of the night partying with friends at the beautiful estate.


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